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“My daughter, age 10 has been regularly attending one on one and group sessions with Tabata for a little over a year now. Her skills and confidence have improved dramatically where she became an impactful recreational level player almost immediately and now competes on a high level club team. Tabata covers all aspects of soccer; ball control, striking, passing, defense, strategy and the psychology of the game. She tends to hone in on the areas that need most improvement for each individual. Tabata is from Brazil so she brings a unique and effective style to coaching which is refreshing relative to American coaching. Lastly and most importantly, my daughter really enjoys playing soccer with Tabata.”


" My 10 year old daughter has been training with Tabata for over a year now. Tabata’s energy, passion and dedication to teaching youth the game of soccer is exceptional. Tabata doesn’t only teach foot skills with her unique drills and tools she uses, she also educates a lot on the mental side of the game and preparing my daughter for what to expect and options she can use. She teaches new technique and footwork that help my daughter prepare for game play. We love our training time with Tabata. My daughter looks forward to seeing Tabata every week, not only to learn new skills and ideas and to improve but to hang out and have fun with her!! Tabata has become a good friend and an amazing coach. "


"I highly recommend the Brazil Soccer System. Tabata and Flavia bring a unique blend of high-level, competitive soccer experience, the rich Brazilian soccer culture and tradition, and an individualized assessment of the kids they are training in their program. We’ve experienced many different coaching and training styles. And we can say unequivocally that the Brazil Soccer System has been an extremely valuable asset in our children’s soccer development. It’s also a tremendous benefit to have strong women soccer players as role models for our girls. "

Jeff Friedman

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